Food Trends

Food Trends

Whatever happened to Sizzler? How Australians fell out of love with the ’90s phenomenon

The American buffet with upmarket ambitions was once a suburban novelty. And then it wasn’t. Sizzler just couldn’t keep up with how fast Australians were changing, experts say. It had the cheese toast, the all-you-can-eat salad bar, and the sizzling steaks that would have Aussie mouths watering come Friday night. Sizzler was a cultural phenomenon […]

Wendy’s Hamburgers Rolling out in Australia


Wendy’s (hamburgers) is considering an aggressive roll out of stores around Australia. Will it work? Suzee Brain chews the fat on the topic with James Valentine on ABC Breakfast Radio

Cooking With(out) Gas: How to move to all-Electric F&B Precincts


You could never operate an entire food court without gas. Or could you? Suzee Brain maintains you can; it’s a radical change but there’s nothing new in that. Radical changes have occurred before… SUZEE BRAINDirector,Titanium Food & Place Changes to the Six-Star Green Star rating systems to totally ban gas as an energy source in […]

HYBRID WORK Means Mini Guns Must Lift Their F&B Game


COVID has changed us. More people are working from home and Australia is leading the world! 34% of Australian workers are ‘hybrid’ -more than in the US, UK and Canada. This means they’re spending more and more time near their local ‘Mini Gun’ centres. But their tastes haven’t changed -just their location. They want what […]