Is Build-to-Rent and retail the right mix for your asset?

Globally, shopping centres are embracing a mixed-use future, becoming the community hub for all aspects of modern living. Build-to-rent (BTR) can now be an attractive investment addition to a retail centre. Titanium Property Directors Tim Atkins and Paul Oates run through the trends, demographics, financial metrics and important planning and investment considerations for property owners […]

Sydney’s 2022 half-year dining report card

It’s been a rollercoaster ride so far, but all signs point to an exciting next six months as our creative, resilient and food-loving city gets back on its feet. Hey, Sydney diners, how are you doing so far? Do you believe we are half way through the year already? It’s been a rollercoaster ride, with […]

Grill’d MD Simon Crowe on how drive-thru will inform its future growth

Australian burger chain Grill’d recently opened its first drive-thru restaurant in Brisbane as part of a broader expansion strategy to service new markets and embrace new channels. Grill’d – which is positioned as a healthier option than fast-food – is tapping into the significant global drive-thru food market. According to Cognitive Market Research, drive-thru was […]

HYBRID WORK Means Mini Guns Must Lift Their F&B Game


COVID has changed us. More people are working from home and Australia is leading the world! 34% of Australian workers are ‘hybrid’ -more than in the US, UK and Canada. This means they’re spending more and more time near their local ‘Mini Gun’ centres. But their tastes haven’t changed -just their location. They want what […]